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Nothing Works Like Knotty Pet!

Knotty Pet works like no other pet detangler. It's not a brush or comb: The “secret” lies in our Patented 360-degree bristle-flex that never gets stuck, so it won’t hurt your pet! Watch as knots unravel and your pet is in Bliss.  Even short haired pets love how good it feels! 

Never Gets Stuck....

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Cats...Love Knotty Pet

How to Use:

Knotty Pet comes complete with wristlet to keep the tool close to you. Simply slip your hand and wrist through the wristlet and cradle the ergonomic ball-handle, leading with the ball at a 45-degree angle, gently stroke your pet’s fur, No need to press hard, light strokes will loosen stubborn knots and tangles.


 *Washing your pet’s fur first may help to loosen some knots if there is something stuck to fur.  It may be necessary to trim or cut out stuck on or embedded substances beforehand, because well, pets get into stuff, all kinds of stuff!

Peeping Pug
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Dogs Love It!

Knotty Pet Benefits and Features:

  • Perfect for dogs and cats, and well... Pets!

  • Long bristles offer superior flexibility.

  • Helps remove stubborn knots and tangles.

  • Never gets Stuck, Feels AMAZING!

  • Does not pull or tug.

  • Excellent for pets of all kinds including short and long haired.

  • Excellent to use on most areas.

  • Will help smooth out fur pain free!

  • Great for hypoallergenic pet hair.

  • Creates a "Bonding-Time" Experience pets will Love!!

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Pets Love Our Unique Patented Design, Because it Works and

Feels Good!

Say Goodbye to painful grooming.  Enjoy brushing your dog or cat again! Works on matted hair, tails, legs and feet, ears, neck and anywhere else they need it!

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