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  • How Does Knotty Pet work?
    The Knotty Pet is designed to put you in charge of unraveling your knots and tangles! The design and 360-Degree bristle flex, allows you to maneuver the bristles at any angle with the right amount of pressure and custom strokes. The bristles move freely and fluidly through pet hair, so you can glide over and through with no tugging or pulling on the hair. Knotty Pet was created with your pet in mind to ease grooming time and make it comfortable, soothing and bonding! *You never start with bristles facing downward, always an upward or parallel starting point. (
  • What makes Knotty Pet different?
    Unlike a brush or comb, Knotty Pet does not further compact tangles, and removes knots and tangles pain-free. The design allows you to "spot" remove as well as an overall detangler for the whole pet. The patented design of the Knotty Pet is different, which is why it works so well!! Unlike ordinary brushes or combs that pull, compact and hurt your pet! Infact, the Knotty Pet feels so good to pets, it can be used daily to create bonding-time and it won't hurt the skin or coat!
  • Is it for all Pet Hair types?
    Knotty Pet works on most pet hair types. It is excellent for the Hypoallergenic breed as their hair is resembles human hair, yet an ordinary brush can cause pain, get stuck, pull on fur and and skin and make the pet unahppy and afraid. Knotty Pet will alleveiate the fear and allow your pet to enjoy being brushed again. Excellent for cats and dogs and even short haired pets love Knotty Pet!
  • Can I use Knotty Pet on Dry or Wet hair?
    Knotty Pet may be used on wet or dry pet hair, infact you may need to wash fur before usining Knotty Pet in some instances if there is a substance on the hair.
  • More Tips.....
    You may need to use your hand to support certain hair types, or assist in pulling apart a tangle with the Knotty Pet. Use Caution around the eyes and ears, but they will love you using around these areas and pretty much most areas of their body. No need to press, hard, short light or long strokes will loosen up the knots and tangles. Daily use will help prevent knots on longer haired pets, especially on backs of legs, tail, paws.
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